Isn’t nature beautiful

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ppl are ignoring me like im rob kardashian


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It’s not my job to teach you spanish or help you learn. I am ridiculed by american society for speaking Spanish because of my skin. Because I am mexican. White people can pick up the language and be thought of as talented and smart but because I know spanish im thought of as someone who isn’t giving up a part of my culture to fit into mainstream America and I get shit for it all the time. Goodbye

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  • White person: help me learn Spanish!
  • Latino person: ok! ayúdame a aprender ingles!
  • White person: ew learn English or go back to your country.



The Defender is a pepper spray that when sprayed takes a picture of the person you’re spraying and sends it the police along with your GPS location, user information, as well as flashing a bright light in the attackers face and emitting a loud alarm.



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things straight ppl say in movies

  • girl: what are you doing?
  • boy: something i should have done a long time ago